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About us

We are a logistics company that handle shopping and shipping for clients from the United Kingdom to Nigeria.

Not your regular logistics

Who We are

We are a reliable cargo movers and purchasing agency that shop and ship cargoes from the United Kingdom and  deliver to your doorstep in Nigeria and Kenya. We are not your regular logistics company. We are committed, agile, and enthusiastic, which allows us to seamlessly maintain our affective service to you.

We carry carry your logistics on our shoulder.

What We Do

  • Exporting customers cargo via sea and air freight to Nigeria

  • Receiving customer orders from Nigeria and export to their destination in Nigeria
  • Enhance customer communications to agree on items to be shipped and at what price

  • Track customer orders

  • Optimizing price of our products

  • Carry out data analytics to show transactions, customer tracking of items etc

  • We also engage in business modelling

We are a logistics company that care.

Why Choose Us

According to our vast customer review, we are proud to say that we are one of the best freight forwarding and cargo companies between United Kingdom and Nigeria.

Ogis Logistics is my go to now for all my logistics activities. I go about my other businesses knowing Ogis has my Shipments covered and safe.
Sean Walsh
London, UK
You guys are effective and very helpful. The way you helped me with my shopping and shipping it down here to Nigeria, I was impressed
Mariam Yusuf
Abuja, Nigeria